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The First Tee Golf and Life Skills Experience (G&LSE) is divided into five levels, starting with PLAYer for new participants and progressing through PAR, BIRDIE, EAGLE and ACE. Each level of the Life Skills Experience can be taught seamlessly with all golf skills curricula. Completion of each level is defined as a participant’s ability to meet nationally instituted certification guidelines. The program is self-paced, encouraging participants to explore and assess their abilities and set corresponding goals to meet national certification requirements. Certification is conducted periodically throughout the year during class and may also be setup outside of class by appointment.

PLAYer Level

PLAYer is the introductory level of the program for ages 7-17 years old. Beginning January of 2009, all participants will enter The First Tee Golf and Life Skills Experience at the PLAYer level. PLAYer introduces how to play the game of golf with special emphasis on learning golf and The First Tee Code of Conduct, appreciating the rules and etiquette of the game, as students develop their game in golf and life.
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In order to advance to the A PLAYer level, PLAYers must be identified and recommended for advancement based on a combination of their golf skill level, and their adherence of our Code of Conduct – Respect for Yourself, Respect for Others, and Respect for their Surroundings. 
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In order to advance from A PLAYER to A1 PLAYer, our members must take the Life Skills Written Assessment and pass with a score of 80% or higher.  A1 PLAYers have an even higher chance of being selected to go on the golf course with a coach or volunteer to continue earning check marks. 
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PAR (Advanced) Level

Builds on the PLAYer level with continued exposure to the game of golf, focusing on two general life skills: Self-Management and Interpersonal Skills.
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Birdie Level

Centers around goal setting to provide participants a greater sense of purpose, direction, and motivation.
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Eagle Level

Designed for participants who have demonstrated a commitment to both the game of golf and to attaining an associated set of life skills. These participants have demonstrated their ability to apply life skills, displayed a progression of golf skill acquisition and performance, and been a role model for The First Tee Code of Conduct.
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ACE Level

This level offers advanced, post-EAGLE instruction and practice in many of the life skills introduced in the PAR, BIRDIE and EAGLE levels. Ace focuses on personal planning and reinforces interpersonal communication, self-management, goal-setting, self-coaching and resistance skills that were applied in the earlier levels.
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Clubhouse to College/Career (C2C)

The Clubhouse to College/Clubhouse to Career (C2C) is a team comprised of teenage participants from The First Tee of Monterey County. The goal is to provide resources to our members for college prep, tours, help with SAT/financial aid, and scholarships.
In addition, we would like to inspire members to explore the many fields of design in the technology industry. We plan to meet monthly, including parents, to discuss projects and field trips!
Visit out Facebook page to see regular updates, pictures, and best of all their very first original song; "More Than Me"
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Home Office Highlights

Life Skills Experience™

Developed with the help of academic experts and delivered by trained coaches, the program helps young people learn life skills and core values through the sport of golf. Find out why it’s different that other programs.
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Golf in Schools

The First Tee National School Program introduces the game of golf and The First Tee Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits to elementary students during physical education classes.
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A Parent's Guide to The First Tee

What parents need to know about The First Tee and its programs.
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