Chapter Personnel

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Name Position Phone Email
Nelson, Nick Executive Director (831) 444-7200 x205
Morris, Sue Administrative Assistant 831-444-7200 x202

Programming and Life Skills

Name Position Phone Email
Ayon, Jacob Golf & Life Skills Coach (831) 444-7200 x209
Bearden, Tim Golf & Life Skills Coach 831-444-7200 x207
Hernandez, Dominic Golf & Life Skills Coach (831) 444-7200 x217
Latu, Estive Golf & Life Skills Coach
Teicher, Annie Golf & Life Skills Coach (831) 444-7200 x217


Name Position Phone Email
Abe, Jessica Future Citizens Programs Coordinator (831) 444-7200 x207
Lopez, Irma Member Services Coordinator (831) 444-7200 x208
Morales, Araeli Golf & Life Skills Coordinator 831-444-7200 x219
Trace, Julie Program Coordinator Daytime (831) 444-7200 x206
Lowensen, Alyssa Volunteer Resources Assistant (831)-444-7200 x216